Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Evangeline Ghastly Goes Shopping

I was a good girl the first time I went to the Hard Off/Hobby Off and only bought one tiny little toy (and one little couch). This time I went a little wild. (Or should that be Wilde?) I bought things for Licca, Re-Ment items, and yes... items for Evangeline.

Could that be? Yes, it is a Jumeau Bisque doll.

Evangeline: For me? I shall cherish it always.

It fits so nicely in her hands.

Evangeline: Time for our close-up.

Queen of the Mardi Gras Evangeline: She gets a pretty doll?!? Fine, I'll console myself with this Sake. It better be quality stuff!

The miniature doll is a Takara: Miniature Antique Museum set from 2003. I don't know who made the bottle.

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