Tuesday, October 2, 2012

She's Here! Effanbee Mama Doll.

My baby finally arrived. I purchased her in July at the UFDC Convention, and had her shipped to my parents to rebox and ship to me in Japan. I was getting worried since it took over a month in the mail to get here, but she is here and is in great shape.

She is 27 inches tall and has a cloth body with composition legs, arms, and head. Her hair seems to be mohair.

She is marked Effanbee on her shoulder plate, but I haven't figured out if she is a named model, but she is most likely from the 1920s. Her eyes like to rock back a little far so sometimes it looks like she is rolling her eyes at me. I'll have to look into how to remedy that issue.

Her outfit is cute, but could use a good freshening up. I think I'll see about crocheting her a new sweater and bonnet that will fit her a bit better.

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