Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Friend Becky

I love dolls with red hair. Unfortunately, I had very few as a child. When I was old enough to play with Barbie, she had decided to be blonde, and only blonde. White/blond was the color of choice for most baby dolls, and if a doll wasn't blonde, she was brunette. I had one strawberry blonde baby doll that I absolutely loved, probably since she had hair like mine. (Unfortunately, her neck broke and she eventually made her way to the trash.)

As a child, I was unaware that there were other dolls in the My Friend Mandy line. The other dolls were released later and by the time Becky was released, I really wasn't playing with Mandy anymore. When I started enjoying my dolls again, a few years ago, I decided that one day I would have all of the My Friend dolls. So when I saw this Becky (an amazing red head) on Ebay, I knew she needed to come live with me and her friend, Mandy.

Here she is with her best friend, Mandy.

Her face is perfect, though I do need to wash some dark smudges off of it. (I love the freckles.)

Yes, she can stand on her own.

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