Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Case of the Too Large Skates

Well, last week I bought a roller skating outfit for Licca. The only problem is that the skates are too roomy on her feet and the outfit didn't come with socks. With all the extra room she toppled, rolled, and fell over. The only pair of socks I had were the ones for her school uniform which are knee highs, unfortunately they didn't work with the outfit. So while I was at Hard Off/Hobby Off I found a cute pair of anklets for her that came with a dress. On a buying frenzy, I also purchased a little closet for her too. The skates fit much better.

I need to de-pink this closet, but otherwise it is great. It even came with the hangers.

The closet holds all of her clothes and accessories (so far).

She stands in her new skates! Yay, anklets!

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