Friday, July 30, 2021

Dolly & Me By the Sea: UFDC 72nd Annual Convention 2021 - Baltimore, MD - Part 7

 Thursday, July 22nd.

Thursday Convention started with the reason there even is a convention - The UFDC Annual Business Meeting. During the meeting: Officer statements were read, votes were taken, awards were given, and officers were installed.

At the end of the meeting, info on 2022's convention was shared - it will be in St. Louis!

Then at 12PM Public Day started, the Salesroom opened up for the day, the Doll Doctor's set up an interactive exhibit, and Publisher's Preview was live.

Like many others, I took one last walk through of the competition room, to get a closer look at the dolls and took some photos of my favorites and those I thought were neat. Like these early cloth Madame Alexander dolls.

Asian BJDs

If you look closely you can see my tiny Honee-B doll with the blue hair, in front of Rapunzel.

Non-Asian BJDs

My Helen Kish Zoey is barely visible in the photo.

Such a cool Tammy, look at her hair! No wonder she got a blue ribbon.


Pleasant Company American Girl Dolls

Wax-Over dolls

Mary Hartline dolls

Male Celebrity dolls. (My Spock is hiding out in the back.)

Gotta love Shaun Cassidy. He is in much better shape than my Shaun Cassidy doll.

WPA dolls

Dolls costumed by owner

Dolls created by owner. Yes, that is a squid on the doll in front's head.

Some little all-bisque

Dolls by Sandra Wright Justiss

A tiny, little chimney sweep in the Frozen Charlotte and Charlie category

That afternoon, I walked through the Helper room again and deposited the last of my tickets, hoping that I might win some dolls on Friday.

Then it was time to remove my dolls from the competition room. I was in and out quickly, and just in time to attend the program: Japanese Theatre Dolls by Vickie Hanning.

Afterwards, I carried my competition dolls back to my hotel room and Spock posed for a photo with his shiny, new 4th place ribbon. Hooray! One of my dolls placed.

I relaxed the rest of the evening, and read, before going to bed early. The next day I was going to be getting up earlier than usual.

To be Continued in Part 8

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