Friday, August 3, 2018

Patty Jo

Going into convention this year, I told myself that I was ready to buy a nice Teri Lee doll to add to my collection. But, I didn't see any that I liked enough in the Sales Room.

But I did like the Reproduction Patty Jo in the Helper Room. So I deposited a decent amount of my Helper tickets into the drawing for her. 

And as fate would have it, I won her. Yay! I am still on the hunt for a vintage Terri Lee, but I am very happy to have a little part of the Terri Lee history with this reproduction Patty Jo. 

The blog, Black Doll Collecting, has an informative page on Patty Jo dolls that gives their history.

Patty Jo is 15 inches tall and was made in 2004 by Knickerbocker. LikeTerri Lee dolls, she comes with a daisy to wear on her wrist. What a great touch.

Patty Jo got to meet some of the similar sized dolls in the house (Sasha, Patty Jo, Tiana, and Mandy), and they took a group photo.

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  1. Congratulations on winning this lovely doll! At first glance, I thought your repro Patty-Jo was an original. They did a nice job with the reproductions. I have a few and had been tempted to buy this one in the past as well for myself or as a gift after seeing it on sale.