Monday, August 6, 2018

BUtiful Dolls

After sitting in my closet for almost an year, it was time to finally release my BUtiful doll from her extended confinement.

The BUtiful doll I have is Maya, who loves to play sports.

I chose her because of her sweet face and lovely hair. Her cute outfit also helped. What is there not to love about the slogan on her outfit, Self confidence is the best outfit". I had been wanting to add an African-American doll to my 18" doll collection for a while, and I look forward to dressing her in 70s style to blend in with my other girls.

Made by Fibrecraft, the same company that makes the Springfield Dolls, the BUtiful dolls have a vinyl torso, so that outfits look a little nicer on their bodies. Unfortunately, I think the dolls are already discontinued.

I redressed her in a another Springfield outfit that is a little more Summery.

And put a red ribbon in her hair.

I will be changing her name from Maya to Crystal, the name of a friend I had when I was in 4th grade.

She looks forward to meeting the other dolls in the house.

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  1. Maya/Crystal is a very pretty doll, April. I am so glad you freed her from the confines of the box and closet. Enjoy!