Tuesday, August 27, 2013

UFDC Convention 2013, Washington D.C.: Part 3

Day 3
Attended 2 programs: PT Barnum, Jenny Lind and the Dolls of KPM; and Robert Tonner. During the Robert Tonner program, we watched the new documentary film about him. Pretty good.

This was my banquet day. For lunch, I attended the Kansas City - Home of UFDC and Capital of the Doll World event.

The Centerpiece.

Licca trying on the coat that was a table gift.

Some of the ladies at our table.

Our table had a lot of travel dolls. Here they are all together.

The lunch was very tasty and the program was entertaining, but not what I was expecting. I was expecting more info on Kansas City and the UFDC Museum.

 Then I hit the sales room, again. I decided to buy the centerpiece doll so my 5Star doll would have a companion. Here the 2 dolls are, surrounded by the other dolls I bought at the convention, so far...

Next, a program on Flora McFlimsy and the Region 11 meeting. That was a crowded event as we all tried to squeeze into 1 small conference room. And I finally found my doll club buddy! Yay! I then had time to put half my helper tickets into buckets and had a quick break before dinner.

My dinner event was A Royal Affair, starring Evangeline Ghastly. I was excited to be able to sit with my fellow Miss Carroll friend. Our table mates were quite nice and conversation flowed nicely. The centerpiece was Beautiful but Deadly Parnilla. I did not win the drawing for the doll. :(

Or any of the door prizes...

Or the chance for our table to participate in the dress up as Evangeline contest. Oh well.

There was pretty much no program, but there was a game that some tables got to play and then we were showed previews of upcoming releases. Shhhhhhh....

The highlight, of course, was opening up our dolls. A Royal Affair Evangeline.

After the banquet I checked out the special exhibits. It was hard finding time to do everything I wanted to do this convention, but I used my time wisely.

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