Sunday, August 25, 2013

UFDC Convention 2013, Washington D.C.: Part 1

This years United Federation of Doll Clubs Convention was in Washington D.C. at the Washington Hilton.

After a busy week of shopping and visiting family, I checked in to my hotel room.

Licca, who traveled with me, approved of the room.

I then picked up my packet at registration and headed to a Doll Dialogue: Asian BJDs. The presenter showed a wide range of ball jointed dolls and talked about the history of ball jointed dolls and the difference between Asian BJDs and other dolls with ball joints.

Licca had her photo taken with a large BJD.

Next up was a tour of the Ann Coleman House (no photos allowed). Licca got a quick pic in front of the Hilton sign before the bus drove us to the house.

The tour was really nice. Not only was it a great house in a lovely area, but the dolls were amazing. It really was just like walking through a museum, signage and everything.

Dinner was had a Banana Leaves, down the street. Yum! Highly recommended.

The official event for the night was the Ice Cream Social/Meet and Greet. I had a nice time meeting some other attendees and even spied Uncle Sam in the room.

After that I called it a night so I would be ready for the full day of activities the next day.

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  1. So cute that you take your Licca doll with you! I took my Sylvanian Families with me during my last vacation. My family thinks I am nuts but it was fun to take pics of them! I hope you have a great time at the convention!