Monday, April 1, 2013

Monster High Rochelle Goyle

I now own my very first Monster High Doll, Rochelle Goyle, daughter of a Gargoyle.

She is the Scaris, City of Frights doll

 She has decided to put on a fashion show for us.

Here she is in Robecca Steam's separates: Shorts, t-shirt, vest, belt, purse, and shoes. (These clothes are sooo tight on her.)

She has switched out of the shorts and shirt and into Robecca's dress. Pretty.

Next, she is wearing a yukata meant for a Licca sized doll. The Yukata came from the 100 Yen store. It came with sandals, but they are waaaaaay too small and flat for Rochelle.

She looks soooooo relaxed in this.

The yukata is short on Rochelle, but longer than anything I've seen on Monster High dolls. 

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