Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hiking Up Mt. Takao

For my second hike up Mt. Takao, we took trail 6 up and trail 4 down to the area with the restaurants and cable car.

Trail 6 slopes gently, for the most part. But, unlike the main trail, it can be treacherous. The trail in narrow, rocky, covered in roots, and has no guardrails. There are also wet, muddy areas, and one place where you either hop from rock to rock, or just walk through the stream. The benefit of this trail, is the view. It is a lovely walk.

Along the trail, there are two small shines. One is in a cave. The other is by a waterfall.

Unlike the main trail, this one does not meet up with the temple/cable car/restaurant area, but there were occasional benches along the trail for rests.

 We took the ski lift down. While walking past the shops on our way back to the train, we came upon this chef making noodles. That's a lot of rolling dough.

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