Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seoul, Korea

It took a long time for me to post my Kyoto photos. I blame the fact that 2 days after Kyoto, I was off to Seoul, Korea with the ladies. 

The airport had a Fujiya! I didn't find out until after I had lunch, so no cake for me.

By the time we arrived in Korea, took the bus to our guest house, and dropped off our bags, it was 11PM. Dinner was at a hole in the wall a couple of blocks away. The food was good and inexpensive. I was too tired to remember to bring my camera with me, so no photos of the restaurant and food.

Back at the guesthouse, the ladies split up into the 4 rooms and got ready for bed. Bedding was futon mats on the floor. The floors were heated so the rooms were nice and toasty.

The hostess provided us with breakfast every day. We ate traditional style - on the floor at the short tables.

The house's pottery collection.

Yes, Korea also likes cute. The refrigerator had bling.

The ladies eating breakfast:  miso soup, rice, various pickles and vegetables, and sea weed.

The garden of the guesthouse.

The guesthouse. We are on our way to our first adventure.

Look! A mountain!

We walked a couple of blocks to the subway station. This is a fantastic station. Nifty artwork every where.

Where are we going?

To the Korean Folk Village, Traditional Cultural Theme Park.

Even the Convenience Store has been prettied up.

Now, that is a leaf!

You get the jist...

For the evening, we shopped at the night market, where deals abounded.

Stay tuned for Seoul, Korea - Part 2


  1. Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for posting them. I especially like those of market, adore modern cities. Seoul looks really wonderfull, I'd really love to go there one day. You're lucky, it's quite easy to go there, when you're living in Japan! Have you been to China too?

  2. Jewel Snake, thank you for your kind comments.I haven't been to China, yet. But I will hopefully get there in the next 2 years.