Monday, November 5, 2012

Kyoto - Day 3: part 1

Ooops, I forgot some day 2 photos. After a nap, we headed out to Gion for an evening walk. The bus ride was crazy. The driver jerked, and stopped, and jerked, and sped up. It was like bumper cars, only standing up in a bus. 

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A night view of Sanjusangen-do.

The streets of Gion were pretty empty. 2/3 of the stores were closed for the day, and the restaurants were pretty expensive. Important note, There were no food vendor stalls.

A neat old building that is now a museum.

The area is attractive, but the stores and restaurants were pretty expensive, probably not worth wandering again, unless we plan on taking in a show at one of the two theatres.

Day 3

We headed out to the Imperial Palace to find a good spot to watch the Kyoto Jidai Matsuri, a huge parade with people in elaborate costumes from various eras of Kyoto history.

It was a bright and hot day, by the time we left the parade we were burnt to a crisp.

After the parade, we took a bus to Ginkakuji Temple, the Silver Pavilion.

Stay tuned for Kyoto - Day 3: part 2.

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