Monday, November 12, 2012

Korean Dolls and Souvenirs

Now, what you all have been waiting for, the loot I acquired while in Korea.

First, the dolls:

Yes, she is the ultimate Korean Costume Doll.
She she poses well and even has extensive undergarments and comes with her own stand. Oh yeah, and she is pretty.

A Ddung. I looked all over for one and finally found her at the airport. Airport prices, but she is adorable.

Traditional Korean dresses for My Friend Mandy 16" size dolls and Barbie 11 1/2 inch size dolls.

2 Clones of Ddung dolls. These two are tiny and have key rings attached to their heads. These will be adorable hanging off a purse.

A pair of Korean shoes.

Rice wine in a souvenir bottle and a small vase.

And a tiny king and queen in their wedding finery.

One more picture of her, out of the box.

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