Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Real Littles Disney Backpack

 This week, blogger The Toy Box Philosopher blogged about a Real Littles Backpack (click on the link to go to that blog). Her blog reminded me that I had never shown the Real Littles Backpack I have on this blog. So here it is. 

Little Darling Merry is going to show off her backpack. It is a Frozen II themed backpack made of blue see-through vinyl.

The straps are a little tight on her shoulders, but otherwise it is a great fit for her.

She has attached the horse bag charm to her bag. I haven't seen Frozen II yet, so I do not know the horse's name.

Included in the backpack was a large amount of stationary.

2 postcards

Already stamped!

An envelope with two pieces of coordinating paper

A teeny, tiny stamp - featuring Olaf

An Olaf highlighter that is the only piece of stationary that is too big for the doll

A journal with lots of blank pages

A sheet of stickers, and a stack of post-it notes.

With all of these fancy supplies, Merry is ready to chronicle her Summer vacation adventures and keep in contact with her friends.

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