Saturday, November 7, 2020

Lovely Linda Lullabye and Rockabye Doll

Last month a friend who was cleaning out her house decided it was time to re-home her childhood dolls. So, she contacted me. I was happy to tell her that I would give one of her dolls a good home.

The one I claimed is a vintage Rockabye doll. She is a musical doll who rocks her doll, moves her head and torso, and opens and closes her eyes.

There were many dolls like this on the market in the 1970s, by all different doll companies, so it took me a while to identify this particular model.

But then I found her. Here she is in the 1976 J.C. Penny catalog.

Then, by adding J. C. Penny and Rockabye to my search, I found posts about her in the box. She is by Goldberger/Eegee and her name is Lovely Linda, Lullabye and Rockabye Doll.

Seeing it in the box was important, since the doll is only marked "Made in Hong Kong" and has no other manufacturer marks on her.

She still needs to be cleaned up a bit - wash the dust out of her outfit and hair - but otherwise she is in great shape and works.

Some of the other dolls like this on the market were: Baby Rock-A-Bye, Jane and Jenny, Lucy, Bonnie and Betsy, Tam and Tammy, Judie and Julie, June and Julie, Aggie and her Baby, Patty and Penny, and probably a whole lot more.

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  1. She is sweet. I am glad you were able to identify her. I had a boxed black version of June and Julie during the 1990s and later sold it. Some years later, I helped someone locate one to replace the doll she had has a child.