Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Raggedy Accessories

When I transitioned from my Raggedy Ann and Andy bedroom, I kept a few Raggedy items. There was my music box, mentioned in the last post, and my Raggedy Ann and Andy cookie jar.

This metal bin is where I kept a lot of my doll clothes and accessories. Once upon a time it had a red plastic lid, but that broke a long time ago. Today, the bin holds extra clothing for my stuffed Belle doll (from Peanuts).

The other Raggedy item I still had was this small Knickerbocker Raggedy Andy. 

He started out as part of my bedroom lamp (like the one below - not my photo) , but the glue holding him to the block wore away eventually.

In fifth grade, I received two new Raggedy Ann items from my mother. Small metal figurines. The first one is of Raggedy Ann and Andy reading a book.

The second is of Raggedy Ann decorating a birthday cake for Raggedy Andy. These were a fun and unexpected addition to my early doll collection.

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