Tuesday, March 5, 2019

My Life with Raggedy Ann

Raggedy Ann was a huge part of my life when I was a young child. According to my baby book, my favorite toy was Raggedy Ann, my favorite song was Raggedy Ann, and my favorite books were the Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle.

My cloth Raggedy Ann doll went everywhere with me, even to the park.

According to my mother, I had my first fight with another child (besides my older brother) the day this photo was taken. Another child wanted to play with my Raggedy Ann and tried to take her from me. Tears and screams resulted. My mother has photos of the fracas, and someday I will get them to share with you.

By three years old, I was also wearing Raggedy Ann in the form of my winter nightgown and robe. 

But it was right around my fourth birthday that I hit peak Raggedy Ann. We had moved into a single family home in a new town, my younger brother was born, and I had a room of my own, sure I had to share it with the baby, but that was better than with my older brother. And best of all? My mom decorated it in Raggedy Ann!

My mom even made me Raggedy Ann throw pillows! Funny story, when I "outgrew" my Raggedy Ann room, mom recovered the pillows for the couch.

I even had a cool Raggedy Ann dress. The doll on the dress had legs that actually swung. I loved the dress, but I was a very self-conscious child and thought other kids would make fun of me for wearing a dress for babies. All I could say is that I was four.

I was heart broken when my Raggedy Ann and Andy music box broke around 2009. It was the last surviving item from my Raggedy bedroom, everything else from the bedroom pictures were long gone by then, including my Raggedy Ann doll.

Stay tuned for more Raggedy reminisces soon.


  1. I remember asking for a Raggedy Ann doll for Christmas - when I was seventeen :-). I still have about 10 of the books.

    1. I have my 2 original books, and then got a few more a few years ago.