Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Effanbee Fluffy

Some times seeing an object will bring back childhood memories. That happened to me with this Effanbee Fluffy doll wearing a Brownie uniform.

While living in Wayne, PA, we would shop for children's clothes at the Wanamaker's department store. While my mom and brother were looking for clothing for my rapidly growing younger brother, I got to wait around, bored, surrounded by boy's clothes.
Luckily, the Scouting section was next to the boy's clothes, and I could look at the cute Effanbee dolls in scouting uniforms.

Not being a Brownie or Girl Scout, I did not think I could ask for one of these adorable dolls. Instead I sighed wistfully and was thankful that there was at least something interesting to look at while I waited.

In middle school I became a Girl Scout Cadet, for two years, but our troop (a small, rural troop) did not do uniforms/sashes/patches. Those cost money. Instead we saved up for a camping trip and a trip to DC. My favorite part of the camping trip was getting to it. A town local met me by the water in his two person outboard motor boat and took me and my camping gear across the river to the campsite. Fun!

I am happy that I finally have my own Fluffy. Now she needs a sister in the green Juniors uniform.

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