Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Disney Kurhn

When I heard that the 2017 UFDC convention was going to be in Orlando, I knew that I wanted my travel Licca to have Disney themed outfits. After much web searching, I decided that this Kurhn set would be perfect.

The set comes with one Kurhn doll, 3 extra outfits, a suitcase, picnic food and dishes, a picnic cloth, and stickers.
The box wasn't packaged that well and was crushed in the shipping, but the items inside were all fine. 

While Kurhn is taller than Licca, I think most of the outfits will work on Licca.
Here they are together, Kurjn and my travel Licca.

The first dress is really cute and casual on her.
Note - all the Kurhn clothing is meant to be put on feet first.

The second outfit is two pieces - a top and a skirt.
Tucked in.


This sundress is way too long for Licca.

This is also a two piece outfit, and so adorable that it could have been meant for Licca.

Licca has her outfits for the convention, now I have to make decisions on what I'm going to wear.

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