Saturday, February 25, 2017

Leneda in Yellow

This is my Leneda, Leann's friend. She is made by Denis Bastien/Affordable Designs.

In this photo she is wearing an Affordable Designs dress and shoes. She is holding an adorable bowl of tanuki ramen. This is a pun. Tanuki ramen is usually a bowl of ramen that has tempura crumbs in it. This bowl has a happy Tanuki (raccoon dog) in it. 

She has the dark skin tone, and is on the posable body.

Unfortunately, I found out after buying her that she can not stand on her own and sitting is rather awkward. You see, one of her legs is a little off. The hip joint is larger than the other hip joint, and doesn't fit.

I hope to one day get her fixed, so that she can sit and stand comfortably.

1 comment:

  1. Yellow is a good color for her. It's unfortunate that her legs are uneven and the hip joint is too large to fit the socket. Maybe Denis would be willing to repair her for you.