Thursday, February 16, 2017

Going Out in Style

For Valentine's Day, 1980s Barbie and Ken had a wild date night. 

I redressed Barbie in a new Barbie brand dress that is supposed to fit all the new Fasionistas, including Curvy Barbie. It looks great on my 1986 Barbie from the front, but what you can't see is that it doesn't close all the way in the back. She has a larger chest and bust than the modern Barbie dolls.

Ken is wearing the Fashion Avenue tuxedo that he has been sporting since 2003, when I got married. He was the groom to my doll wedding cake. It is a really nice tuxedo.

The pleated overlay, unfortunately, doesn't go all around the dress, it is only in the front.

I thought I would see how the dress fits my Curvy and Regular Fashionistas.

It looks really nice on the regular Fashionista body. Every thing fits and closes.

It does fit on Curvy, but it sits up higher on her and barely closes in the back.

It is good to know that this dress fits different body types.

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