Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lewis Carroll - Part 2

And now on to part 2 of my Alice post (a little late due to the bad cold I am experiencing). 

First up are the Licca dolls in Alice in Wonderland related costumes. I have just a few.

 Licca as Alice.

Licca as Alice (in pants!).

Licca as the White Rabbit.

Licca as the Mad Hatter.

And Licca as Alice, again. Note: There are some great Licca Alice costumes I don't have, including Licca as the Red Queen.

Next up is Liv Doll Hayden as the White Rabbit. I adore the aesthetics of this doll and costume.

Mini Pullip as the March Hare.

And last, but not least, Little Mimi as Alice (from Korea).

What Alice in Wonderland themed dolls do you have?


  1. I love Licca in the third Alice costume. I also like the Liv doll too. That Alice themed Liv line was really good!

    Right now I have Zombie Alice from Once Upon A Zombie, White Queen from Alice Through The Looking Glass (Jakks Pacific), and some Ever After High Wonderlandian dolls.