Monday, August 1, 2016

UFDC Convention 2016 - Washington, D.C.: Part 3

Thursday morning it was really hard to get out of bed. Licca flat out refused until I reminded her that this was the day where she would get to play with her kitty cat.

So at 9am I attended Fr. Francois St. Marie's program on When Dolls Enter the Convent. It was really fun and educational. And then I visited the Special Exhibits.

I had another luncheon this day, Kindred Spirits - Kitty and Me. 

The centerpiece dolls were somewhere in transit, so a picture of the doll was substituted.

Licca wore her pretty kitty outfit and brought her cat to the luncheon. She was wondering why there was a dog on the table, when the program was supposed to be about cats.

Sylvia Natterer gave a talk on her career and dolls.

And then we received our souvenir dolls. 

In the afternoon, the Regional meetings were held, and the Competitive exhibits opened up.
I won a blue ribbon (1st), a white ribbon (3rd), and a "Thanks for Playing but No One Else Wanted to Play" ribbon.

My My Friend Mandy as Amy Carter did not win a ribbon in the dress a period appropriate doll as a child in the White House category. I was sad, but not surprised. 

More Children of the White House.

Effenbee Historical Series.

Kindred Spirits.

The orange haired doll with the pink teddy was my entry.

Now, my Boy's Day doll did win a ribbon, a blue one. He is the large and elaborate warrior in the background.

Ichimatsu dolls.

Girl's Day dolls. The large Empress, mine, one a white ribbon.

Poor Hatsune Miku is all alone in the Manga/Anime category. Still, at least I entered.

The BJD category was lovely.

And this girl in the Lenci category had the most amazing expression.

It was also cool to see Cabbage Patch dolls in the competition room.

I also had a Gene doll entered, but forgot to photograph the amazing Gene dolls on display.

Just these few activities and I was exhausted.

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