Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Friend Mandy as Amy Carter

When I saw the competition category, Children in the White House, I knew immediately who I wanted to portray, Amy Carter, and what doll to use, My Friend Mandy. I was 5 years old when her father, Jimmy Carter, was elected President of the U.S., and I was in awe of this other little girl that got to live in the White House.

Inspired by this photo of her, I decided to dress My Fiend Mandy in a Prairie dress and Pinafore.

I used My Friend Mandy patterns to make the outfit. I don't normally sew for dolls, and after this project I don't ever want to sew ruffles again. LOL

Did I use velcro closures on her outfit? Of course, all of My Friend Mandy's outfits used velcro.

On her feet she wore the clogs that came with her overalls outfit.

She may not have won a ribbon, but for me, she was an amazing portrayal of Amy Carter, and an important lesson in sewing. 

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