Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Made to Move Barbie Shows Off Her Moves

I have been looking forward to opening and playing with my Made to Move barbie for a while. I finally took the time today to do just that.

Here she is with out the plastic in front of her,

Isn't she lovely?

Now to practice some moves.


Jumping Jacks, part 1.

Jumping Jacks, part 2.

Push ups.

Hamstring stretch. Feel the burn.

She can sit nicely.

Now let's have a look under her clothing. She has a long waist, but does not have a waist joint. That makes some poses a little awkward. 

She does have upper chest movement, but just a little. The joints at her elbows and knees are a little rough.

And there are some small imperfections in the plastic near and on the joints. She could have used a good sanding.

This Sparkle Girls outfit is cute, but waaaaay too small on her.

It does not pass the bend over test.

This Barbie dress looks stunning on her.


  1. Her joints have a different appearance than any other dolls that I have seen.


  2. Thanks for this review, April. I LOVE the yoga poses. And your sharing the imperfections ;-)