Friday, May 6, 2016

Lottie meets Whitney

Today I am comparing Lottie to Whitney, Stacie's friend.

This is Autumn Leaves Lottie.

She comes with: a coat, hat, scarf, shirt, skirt, tights, and boots.

She can stand on her own, but I was not able to get her to stand up straight. (I'm sure this has been said about many 9 year olds.)

The dog applique is also off center.
The two dolls are about the same height.

But Whitney's body is thicker. Lottie's shoulders were not as easy to move as I thought they would be. I will have to practice moving them. (I don't want to accidentally break her.)

Whitney can wear the skirt and top, but they are very tight. She is not able to wear the tights or boots.

I still need to find Whitney an outfit that fits her (the Suzy Cute dress she came in is too large), but the two look like they will be good friends.

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  1. Lottie is really adorable! I have yet to get one. I think I might go ahead and fall for one after all :D Thanks for sharing your photos!