Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Dolly Time in Ginza

This past week I explored a new section of Tokyo, Ginza. Ginza is filled with high end stores and boutiques, like Ferragamo and Tiffanys. 

Due to it being Golden Week, the main street was closed to traffic and turned into a pedestrian street.

 My goal, of course, was to find dolls. I went to Hakuhinkan, a large, multi-floor toy store. The Basement level is dedicated to Licca and other fashion dolls.

 After looking at the dolls, we browsed the rest of the shop.

The first floor was novelty goods.

These tea pot cups were adorable.

 And I just love the battleship/shark.

Afterwards, we browsed at Angel Dolls, a very different doll store. It is a small shop filled with lovely antique dolls and modern art dolls, all out of my price range. 

Street performer.

Hey, a shoe store that carries larger sizes!

 It was a nice day of looking at dolls.


  1. It looks like you had a nice shopping/browsing experience.

    Were there any dark-skinned Jenny/friend of Jenny dolls available? I have I think two or three and would enjoy more.


  2. Nope, no dark skin Jenny or Liccas at the moment. ;(

  3. OMG I so envy you! Did you get any dolls from the Licca store? It must have been wonderful to see in real all the dollies and accessories!