Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yamato Museum

The same day we visited Rabbit Island, we also traveled to the Yamato Museum. It took about a half hour by train to get to Kure Station from Hiroshima Station. Near the museum are two other museums: The Kure Museum and the Naval Museum. You can't miss the naval museum, since it has a submarine in front of it.

You can tell the Yamato Museum by the statue of Triton in front of it.

And the anchor and other recovered items from a destroyed battleship (not the Yamato).

One of the only references to Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato was this cut-out.

The museum was focused on the area of Kure's history of ship building, the building of the Yamato, World War II, the destruction of the Yamato, and Post-War rebuilding of the city.

In the center of the museum is a 1:10 scale replica of the battleship!

If you have the chance, go and see it.

For more information on the Yamato, please visit this Wikipedia link.

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