Sunday, May 11, 2014

Love... Exciting and New

Our treat to ourselves for our wedding anniversary today was a visit to a Love Hotel. We chose La Festae since it is near our home.

 The rooms are available by 3 hour blocks or for overnight. (I believe over night is from 9PM until the next morning.) It was easy to check in, just walk into the lobby and then go to the kiosks to see which rooms are still available. Click on the room you want, pick up your ticket, and go up to your room.

Our room was quite lovely, and unlike most regular hotels in Japan, Love Hotels come with queen size beds for a little togetherness. 

What else was available? Many TV channels, movies (both regular and adult), radio, and Karaoke. The room had a minibar-fridge and a sex-toy dispenser. The hotel would also deliver room service, if so desired, from their full bar and bar-food menu.

And yes, there was a Jacuzzi tub built for two. The bathroom was stocked with any necessity you may have left at home, and there was bubble bath! Jacuzzi plus bubble bath = lot's of bubbles!

It was easy to check out. Once done, exit the room. There is a check out machine by each room. Just push the 3rd button (if I remember correctly) and your total due will be shown. Then slide your cash into the machine. Once you have paid, your private elevator will arrive to take you back down stairs. Note - this hotel does not take non-Japanese credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash before checking in.

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  1. Oh wow I never saw the interior of such a hotel! I like the bathtub very much! Looks so high tech and cozy.