Monday, July 8, 2013

Disney Sea: Mediterranean Harbor

The first "Land" you come to in Disney Sea is the Mediterranean Harbor.
This area is mostly gift shops and restaurants designed to look like an Italian town. Part of the area is Venice, including Gondola rides.

The view is amazing. Across the harbor you can see the Fortress and Galleon. Mt. Prometheus is in the background.

The attractions in the Mediterranean Harbor are: The Transit Steamer Line (a boat ride that takes you around the park), Venetian Gondolas, Fortress Explorations, and the Leonardo Challenge.

Dave and I explored the Fortress Explorations area as soon as we got to the park. There was barely any one there, so it was all ours. We didn't do the Leonardo Challenge, since in didn't start until 11AM.

We didn't take a Gondola ride, this visit, but it is definitely on our list for our next visit.

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