Friday, July 5, 2013

Disney Sea: The Food

Recently I had the chance to go to Disney Sea twice, once just for the evening, and the other for a whole day.
The next few blogs will all be focused on my experiences there.

First, The Food:

The restaurant that I visited for dinner on my evening trip was the New York Deli in the American Waterfront.

At the New York Deli, you order and pay at the counter and seat yourself.

Their menu featured sandwiches, mostly. For my meal, I chose the seasonal special, a sandwich with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a mixed berry sauce. It came with fries and a soft drink.

It was a pretty good sandwich and all I needed before touring the park at break-neck speed.

On my next trip, we ate like royalty.
For lunch, we ate at Magellan's in the Mediterranean Harbor.

A view of the fort that Magellan's is located inside of.

Inside Magellan's. Beautiful!

Dave and I both ordered sets containing an appetizer, main dish, and desert. Dave had a mixed appetizer plate, the beef, and pink grapefruit sherbet.

The beef.

I had a salad, the fish, and the desert of the day, a small slice of cake with sherbet. Everything was amazing. The flavor was heavenly and the presentation lovely. I want to eat there again and again.

For dinner, we dined at The Teddy Roosevelt Longe aboard the S. S. Columbia in the American Waterfront.

A view of the ship from a distance.

The lounge is richly paneled and decorated with paintings and photos of Teddy Roosevelt. The bar is decorated with wooden bears instead of pillars.

Being worn out, the dark and quiet ambiance was just what we needed. We ordered drinks which were refreshing and impeccably served.

I had a the fried shrimp sandwich - two jumbo fried shrimp with lettuce, tomato, and sauce on a foccacia bun. It was served with a few fries. Dave had the mixed platter - 3 sausages, mini beef pot-pie, and a chicken thigh. He said the thigh was bland, but every thing else was pretty good.


I would definitely eat here again, if I was looking for a quiet place during the afternoon. The food was good, but not 4 star quality like the Magellan's. For that, I look forward to trying the S. S. Columbia Dining Room on my next trip to the park.

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