Thursday, August 2, 2012

UFDC Convention - New Orleans: Part 5

Friday, July 27th

I attended the helper drawings. I was surprised at how small the crowd was. It was so quiet that there seemed to be only one or two clappers in the audience. I won a helper, a Hopelessly Fabulous 50s Alex by Madame Alexander. Yay!

I then had lunch at the Palace Cafe, and arranged shipping for my large dolls. For some reason they did not want to fit into my suitcase. ;)

I walked the sales room one more time and bought a last, little doll.

She is a reproduction, but still awesome.

I then rested until it was time to head to the banquet. I got there early and set up the centerpiece. I then greeted my table mates as they came in.

During the dinner, a group of Mardi Gras Indians and their marching band performed for us.

Dolls were handed out, and the artist was available to sign the dolls. Then quickly back to the room I went to pack everything up and get some sleep before the alarm would wake me up at 4AM the next morning.

The table favors that the occupants of my table handed out. Yes, that last one is a Re-Ment set. ;)

I handed out the mice and lions I made. You can see the mice on a previous post. Here is the lion.

The souvenir is a reproduction Just Me based on the artwork for the convention.

And that's that. It was a great convention and I met all sorts of wonderful people. I will definitely do this again.

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