Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kamakura Trip

This weekend, the husband and I took a trip to Kamakura. The bus trip was long and tedious, but well worth it.
Our first stop was Hase-Dera, a great Buddhist Temple.

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More Fishies!

The cave with the red arch is dedicated to Benzaiten, the sea goddess and only female of the 7 lucky gods of Japanese mythology. In the cave are hundreds of tiny statues placed by devotees in honor of lost children.

Happy Buddha! (Correction, this is Jizo)

This is an amazing temple. I look forward to visiting again. We did not have time to climb to the top of the overlook or explore the museum.

The statue of Kannon inside the main temple is amazing and worth the visit, even if that is the only thing you see. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in the main temple and I revere copyright too much to post a scanned postcard image.

We then visited the Great Buddha. I will post about that tomorrow.

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