Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Friday was our 9th anniversary, pottery is the traditional gift. We did buy rice bowls last week, but my big present was a huge surprise.

A Takara Jenny!
I have been wanting one for a while and my amazing husband found a way to sneakily get one for me while I wasn't looking.

This is Fashionista Jenny (2010)

Her accessories: hair strands, clamps, and a hand clamp to attach them to her hair.

The directions, in Japanese, of course.

My miserable first attempt at attaching a hair strand.

Who knew playing with dolls could be so hard? ;)

Our Anniversary night also included a nice dinner at the O Club chop house, Chico's. We even got dressed up. Fancy. ;)


  1. I really like her top and hair colour !

  2. Thank you. The husband picked out a very cute doll. I love the cute collar and tie. Very Anime.