Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Week of Assimilation

Tuesday we had lunch at the new restaurant in the JSDF building. Yes, we found the cheapest, quickest, and best served food on base. They have three specials available each day. All come with Miso soup, rice, pickles, green tea, and water. I had the mackeral and Dave had duck soup. 

My foray into onigiri has continued. This week I stuffed the rice balls. Dave's lunch on Wednesday was: Spicy Tuna Onigiri, spicy garlic/ginger cauliflower, and an Ume onigiri for dessert.

On Thursday I expanded my Japanese culture knowledge by taking a Japanese gift wrap class.
Who knew there were so many rules on how to wrap presents?

This first design is called a Peacock Fold.

This one is ribbon folds. Important note, do not make 10 folds. 10 means death.

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