Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Stroll to the Tama River

On Sunday, the hubby and I took a leisurely walk through Fussa to the Tama River. It was a lovely day, and the directions from the YOSC (Yokota Officer Spouses Club) travel website were detailed and accurate. On the way we saw a beautiful shrine.

The first statue is of the Buddhist god, Jiza, the patron of travelers and deceased children. The next set of statues are the children he cares for.

We then came to a canal, originally built in 1653.

What you can't see are all of the cherry blossoms floating down the canal. Lovely.

We eventually got to our goal after walking down a street lined with gorgeous houses, some traditional. The river park is very nice and we got to see the river.

We then headed on home, stopped at the Seiyo for lunch, and I bought another Re-ment sushi mystery pack. This time I got Mackerel and Sake!

So, it was a beautiful day, we had a lovely walk, and I got new toys.

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