Monday, April 9, 2012

Licca Chan

The most popular fashion doll in Japan (not counting Neo Blythe, who is Takai/expensive) is Licca Chan. She is a cute young girl (like vintage Skipper) with big anime eyes.

This is my brand new Licca chan (little) in her pretty "Purple Party Dress".

You gotta love her amazing corkscrew curls!

I also bought her a school outfit for when she doesn't have a fancy party to go to.

To get an idea of her size, here she is next to my Liv dolls (the only other dolls I have here in Japan until our household goods shipment arrives) . As you can see, she is about the same size as a classic Skipper.

Unfortunately, Licca's legs do not bend. :(
For more info on Licca:

Licca can't wait to meet Skipper next week.

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