Sunday, April 15, 2012

Samurai Festival

Last weekend, we traveled to Kofu for the Shingen-go Samurai Festival. The festival commemorates the territory's most famous and best loved samurai from the Edo period. 

Here we are as honorary samurai.

Outside the reconstructed fortress of Shingen and the view from the tallest tower wall.

For lunch, Dave and I had Takoyaki, basically round octopus fritters topped with a savory sauce and bonito (dried fish) flakes. Yummy!

We then watched the Samurai march in and declare their loyalty to Shingen, that is, until his arch nemisis arrived. Words were had and then they marched off.

Afterwards, We had dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant: Barolo.
 It was pretty cold that evening, but the restaurant had the heat cranked up and the wine and warm food heated us up on the inside.

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