Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Send in The Clowns (Again)

The summer between 10th and 11th grade (1987) I worked at Camp Happyland, first as a Jr. Counselor, and then as a Lifeguard. It was exciting to live away from home and to have a substantial paycheck. (Much more substantial than my previous job as a kitchen assistant for the local homeless shelter.)

One of our few camper free days was also the first Payday and trip to the local shopping mall day. I was determined to buy an awesome doll with my own cash. I wanted a Sasha, or an Effenbee John Wayne. My hopes were dashed. Sasha's were no longer produced, and John Wayne was right out. After morosely wandering and watching Beverly Hills Cop 2 with other staff, I entered the Hallmark and saw this sweet clown. I turned my smile upside down and purchased it.

This is "Taffy", a Precious Moments Doll produced by the Jonathan & David Corporation of the Philippines in 1985 (one of the first 10 dolls produced by the company - according to their website). The clown is 16 inches tall with a cloth body and a vinyl head and limbs.

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