Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raggedy Ann Update

The first thing I did with my new Raggedy Ann was wash her clothing. I hand washed with Woolite, being careful to keep the snaps, zipper, and purple ribbons out of the water. I remember from my childhood that the ribbons bleed. (Boy, do they bleed!)

I let the outfit dry flat and then ironed the pieces.

Then, I inspected each piece.

The underwear is discolored - red/pink bleeding at the shoulders, and brown/yellow ageing on the legs and cuffs. The elastic is intact but not tight, and the ribbon is missing.

The dress is in pretty good shape, except: one of the ribbons has been cut short, the collar is stained pink/red, and there is a small whole in one of the sleeves.

The apron is fine, but could use some spot cleaning.

Next up? Washing the doll.

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