Sunday, October 31, 2021

Lady Baltimore's 2021 Halloween Luncheon

 Yesterday, Saturday, was the Lady Baltimore Doll Study Club's Halloween luncheon. Just what I needed to get me into the Halloween spirit.

The club members decorated multiple display tables with horror and Halloween themed dolls that they own.

There was also a competition table. The category was - Dolls dressed as witches - costumes made by owners. 

As you can see, I participated this year. My Friend Jenny feels a bit out of place with all of these glamorous modern dolls in their pretty witch outfits.

So many people participated in the competition this year. All the outfits were very well done.

After looking at the competition dolls,  I had to go back and look at more display dolls.

The tables were festively decorated with painted pumpkins and Halloween themed items.

Some attendees even brought their travel dolls with them.

During lunch, a guest speaker spoke about the history of witches and dolls. It was really interesting and entertaining.
Then it was time to see what the judges thought of the competition dolls. 

Ta da!!!! I got a 2nd place ribbon! Hooray!

Running short on time, next up was Helper Drawings and passing out the souvenir doll.
A Maru Mini Pal - Fire Witch! She is adorable.

The 3 helpers I won are: a Christmas themed Raikes Bear,

A beautiful Zapf doll,

And VIB - Libearace. LOL. He is too fabulous.

It was a great event!

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