Thursday, March 25, 2021

Summer Nights Sweater

A quick post about what I have been crafting the past month or so - doll sweaters!

I found an 18" doll sweater pattern on line and using different yarn thicknesses and different hook sizes, I have turned out sweaters that fit 18" dolls, Wellie Wisher/GlitterGirlz size dolls,  Little Darling dolls, and finally a size that fits InMotion Girl Lia by Ruby Red Galleria.

The secret to adapt the pattern down was to find a Superfine/#1 size yarn and to use a 2mm hook. This sweater is done in Summer Nights - Treasure Island. Such a pretty yarn. It even has metallic sparkle in it. I should look for a mermaid tail pattern, it would look awesome with this yarn.

I will post photos of the other sweaters soon.

1 comment:

  1. I love to see knitted clothes for dolls. I don't have much skills in that department but it's alway so fascinating to see how beautiful these outfils are. Looking forward to see her sweaters!