Sunday, March 14, 2021

Easter Decorations 2021

 I have started decorating for Easter. This year, I decided to incorporate some new dolls I have acquired over the past couple of months.

Look at that clown! He is a cloth doll made by Priscilla Arkoin, an artist and former member of Dollology who passed away March 2020. He is really something else. I fell in love when I first saw him. And then I was lucky enough to win him in a doll club raffle.

Standing next to him is an Annalee bunny ballerina, a Mid-Eastern doll (I think), and an Eastern European doll (most likely). These three dolls were part of the raffle lot that the clown was in.

I am at a loss at what country this little doll represents. I am guessing that it is some where like Greenland or another cold climate country.

The African doll is also from the same lot as the other dolls. The china doll is another story. She was given to me by a work friend. The friend's mother, who died about 9 years ago, made the doll in the 1970s. I have decide to name the doll Jennie, in honor of the friend.

This past year has been so stressful, that I have not been posting much recently. Hopefully I will get back in the posting groove soon.

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