Sunday, March 1, 2020

Cherry Blossoms are Coming

March is here. And while the days have been getting longer and the sun is shining today, the temperatures have been frigid - in the 30s and below.

My 18" dolls have gotten tired of Winter and long for the warmth of Spring. So they decided to do a Spring weather shoot inside the house, covered with cherry blossoms that I crocheted.

Harmony is back in the pink, white, and blue outfit she came in - it is covered in flowers.

Julie, Melody, and Sadie decided to wear cherry blossoms in their hair.

Sadie chose a Springfield dolls outfit (purple top and tan pants) and American Girl clogs.

Julie is wearing her birthday dress.

And Melody is in a cute My Life As... pink pastel dress with bunnies on it. 

Later in the day, a new friend joined them on the credenza, Blue Bunny. 

I think Blue Bunny blends well into the scene.

I think I feel warmer already.

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