Sunday, March 29, 2020

18" Dolls do Social Distancing

Bored with being at home, the 18" dolls decided to have a meeting of the "We are 18" and Love Dolls" Doll Club via video-conference. It was decided unanimously that the dress code would be pajamas.

Sadie attended in her new PJs and with her new sleeping bag. 

She showed off her Disney Aulani Turtle, Olu, to her friends. Her parents brought it back to her as a souvenir of their recent Hawaii trip. She is excited that he matches her pajamas.

Her PJ outfit consists of a flared top, long pant bottoms, fuzzy slippers, and a sleep mask.

Her sleeping bag looked so comfy that she decided to take a nap after the virtual meeting.

It was Harmony's turn to give the doll presentation.

So, wearing her UFDC Doll Dialogues button, she talked about her growing collection of dolls.

Her outfit has fluffy bunny slippers, shorts, a top, and a soft and warm purple robe.

Julie checked in from her funky playroom. Isn't it groovy?


She wore her new purple satin pajamas and white slippers.

Melody set up her workstation in the family room, after kicking her brother out of it.

She wore leopard print pants, a matching sleeveless top, and a matching robe and slippers with pink accents.

After Harmony's presentation, Melody showed the other girls her favorite baby doll.

While the girls were happy to get together virtually, they hope that the pandemic ends soon so they can get together and have a real, in-person doll club meeting and slumber party together.

The outfits for the dolls are all from My Doll's Life by Sophia's, an on-line doll clothing store. I won the outfits from a Facebook drawing.

The outfits are of exceptional quality and fit the dolls beautifully. The shorts are a little tight on Harmony, but that is because her bottom is fuller than the other dolls.

Stay safe and stay at home. Protect yourself and others.


  1. looks like fun! lucky you to win all that great stuff

  2. Harmony has quite a nice collection! I love her Sparkle Girl and her tiny elephant.

    Oh, Sophia's! Are their clothes awesome or what?

    1. Sophia's doll clothes are amazing. I am so impressed by the quality.

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