Sunday, November 11, 2018

Autumn Dolls

It is finally November. The Halloween decorations are put away and the Autumn themed decorations are up.

This year I did a simple display, utilizing the cornucopia and two dolls I haven't showcased before.

On the right is a Trendon Sasha Doll - #108 "White Dress". She is my first Sasha doll. I had been coveting the Sasha dolls my entire childhood, and when I got my first well-paying job as a teenager, I took my first paycheck to the toy stores. Unfortunately, the dolls were no longer being sold, and I was out of luck. This Sasha joined my collection in the last year, and I am very happy to have her.

The other doll is a cute, little vinyl doll by Linda Rick, called Apple Annie. She is a doll that I won in the helper drawings at the Region 11 Conference. As a child my mom would some times call me Apple Annie as a nickname, after the Betty Davis character in one of our favorite movies, Pocketful of Miracles, 1961. Seeing her name, I couldn't resist dropping a couple of tickets into her bucket. (Though she doesn't look anything like Betty Davis.)

Here is a photo of Apple Annie in the movie. No resemblance. LOL

Image result for pocketful of miracles apple annie

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