Monday, October 8, 2018

Maryland, A Merry Land : UFDC Region 11 Conference - Day 3

On Saturday, I rushed down to the competition room to retrieve my dolls from competition and then hurried to my morning workshop, A High-heeled Sandra Sue With Her Summer Wardrobe, taught by Margaret Kincaid.

Each participant received a high-heeled Sandra Sue doll, a book about Sandra Sue, shoes, instructions, and all the materials needed to create a dress, hat, and shrug for the doll.

The instructor gave a brief history of Sandra Sue and showed us how to assemble the outfit.

There was not time in the class to complete the shrug, but most were able to finish the rest of the outfit in the time allotted.

I think it turned out quite well.

Immediately after the workshop, was the ticketed luncheon, A Taste of Maryland.

The centerpiece was filled with food and drinks from Maryland and a cute companion doll by Lutsdoll. 

My travel doll, Licca, and Zoe from the Helen Kish event, came to lunch with me, since they wanted to meet new friends.

Lunch itself was a taste of Maryland, with delicious Blue crab crab cakes and Smith Island Cake for dessert.

The souvenir doll was a cute, little Lutsdoll dressed in a red and white outfit decorated with an embroidered crab. Totally kawaii.

Afterwards, I had time to relax in my room and pre-pack my bags, so I would be ready to check out the next morning. 

And then, finally, it was time for the big event, the Black-eyed Susan Ball.

The tables were covered in table gifts and lovely bouquets of Black-eyed Susans, the state flower.

Entertainment was a 1950s themed dance troupe who showed off many of the dances of the day.

Then the audience was invited onto the dance floor to boogie the night away.

It was great seeing everyone out on the floor, and dancing until we were about to drop.

After everyone returned to their tables, the souvenir dolls were handed out.

Meet Merry, by Dianna Effner.

Back in the room for the night, Merry met the other dolls from the conference.

There were other ticket events, workshops, seminars, and programs I did not get to attend, since there is always so much to do at Regionals and Conventions, that one must pick and choose. I hope my little glimpse of the UFDC Region 11 Conference was informative and entertaining.

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