Saturday, October 6, 2018

Maryland, A Merry Land : UFDC Region 11 Conference - Day 2, Afternoon

Friday afternoon started with me attending the ticketed luncheon: Hi Hon! Welcome to Our Dance Party Bawlmer Style!

The tables were covered with gifts from the hosting club and everyone at the table.

The centerpiece was a replica record player with the companion doll by Helen Kish on it.

My travel doll, Licca, found a seat on the vintage Thunderbird on the table.

I even tried on a pair of red cat eye sunglasses.

The start of our entertainment was some of the members of the Lady Baltimore Doll Club dancing the Madison.

Click the video below to see them dance.

Lunch was served, and a program on big hair, on humans and dolls, was given.

After much laughter, it was time to open up our souvenir doll, Zoe, by Helen Kish.

Then it was time for the Regional Meeting and Open Forum. Zoe came with me to the meeting.

I then attended the programs: In Service: Dolls of the Sanitary Fairs 1863-1865 by Elizabeth Ann Coleman, and A China Doll Puzzle (Who's Your Daddy?) by Kathy Turner.

Then up to my room to dump my table favor loot.

After dinner, I spent the rest of the evening as a monitor in the competition room, and then headed back to the room for some much deserved rest.

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  1. Hi I am trying to find a photo of the centerpiece at the Kish luncheon in Phoenix. It was listed as Steampunk comes to Phoenix. The centerpeice, I think, was a "Time Machine". Do you have a pic or can you tell me who does? Thanks. Susie Graber