Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas With Leneda

This year I joined a Leeann and friends gift exchange for the holidays, as if I didn't have enough to do already. But, I had Chistmas fabric already, and I was up for the challenge. I decided to design an outfit from scratch. 

I think it came out pretty well, even if the arm holes aren't hemmed. Next time I decide to sew doll clothes, I find a pattern.

I also dug through my doll prop stash and found a hat, camera, autograph book, photos, porcelain doll, and Ferris wheel, all in appropriate scale.

I thought I had done really well. Simple, but well.

That is, until I opened the gift that my secret gifter sent me. The workmanship is amazing and detailed. I really need to up my sewing game.

Leneda looks so cute in her new Christmas outfit. She told me she feels like a rich little girl in an old black and white movie.

Did you do any holiday doll crafting?

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